World Class Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Green Pea's EMP: Essential Maintenance Plan


For $50 US per month, we will host your WordPress site on our FAST and SECURE hosting environment dedicated exclusively to the WordPress platform. We will manage your site monthly by monitoring plugins, WordPress core updates, and user activity. You get:


  • Best of Industry Site Speed and Uptime
  • 60 days of rolling backups
  • Monthly personalized size maintenance from one of our techs
  • SECURE environment
  • Complimentary SSL
  • A dedicated account manager who will migrate you away from your old host

Bottom Line

Your visitors are impatient. If your website is slow, they’ll take their business elsewhere. With our dedicated WordPress hosting system our sites run four to six times faster than on any other hosting environment.

Help When Needed

Our hosting platform gives us access to a team of rigorously-trained WordPress experts available 24/7 to ensure your WordPress experience is the best it can be.

60 days of rolling backups.

If a change is made that you don’t like, roll it back! With a simple phone call, email, or text to us we can have your site back to where you wanted it to be in a matter of minutes.

Safe and Secure.

Your website is protected in a highly secure environment designed specifically for WordPress websites. We protect you from data loss and hacker takeovers and malicious traffic from requests that can eat up your resources.

You get what you pay for.

Cheap insurance is great … right up until you need it. Just the same there are countless hosting companies offering hosting for a few dollars per month. Not great for speed, not great for security, and certainly not great for peace of mind. When you host with us you can relax knowing your site is fast and secure as it can be.

We’ll handle it.

Hosting can be complicated. When you sign up for our hosting, we can handle the work for you. We will create your accounts, move your domain, close out your existing system and get you your money back. All you have to do is make the call … we handle the rest.

Contact us today to get started!